Download Rufus 3.11 (Latest Version)

With the freeware Rufus you can format USB sticks in no time and make them bootable.

To be able to boot an operating system in ISO format, it must either be burned to DVD or loaded onto a specially prepared USB stick. Here, the USB stick has the advantage that it can be used again afterwards and the installation is also quicker. The freeware Rufus helps to create such a bootable stick.

The tool asks for the ISO, the file system to be used and the USB device to be written. Then just click on "Start" and your bootable stick will be created. But be careful: All files that were previously on the stick will be lost!

If you are running Rufus under Windows 8 or higher, you can also use it to create "Windows2Go" sticks, provided that you have the appropriate license.

Rufus also carries out normal formatting; the Windows systems NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT are available for selection.

Link Download
Rufus 3.11(Latest)  (1.1MB)
Download Via : ZIPPYSHARE

Please comment if the link is not working or file was corrupted, thank you.
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